Priyanka Kothari to do “Kiss Mix” in Agyaat

priyanka-kothariPriyanka Kothari is looking forwrd for the big hit her up coming films and flicks, at present is busy with her role in the especially for the song Kiss Mix which will be the highligh for the movie, she has been doing rehearsels for the song for quite long days and her dedication for the song is to perform well its shoot would happen early next month for the movie  AGYAAT.

The film is all about AGYAAT  a film unit that goes for a shoot at a location deep in the forest of Sri Lanka where each character exhibits his/her own quirkiness, arrogance and mixed feelings for each other.The  movie casts Nitin Reddy, Ravi Kale, Ishrat Ali, Harvey Rosemeyer, Kali Prasad Mukherjee, Rasika Duggal, Joy Fernandes, Ishteyak and Gautum Rode. Produced by Ram Gopal Varma and Ronnie Screwvala.  Bapi and Tutul given music for the film.

Priyanka Kothari had met with accident when she about to shot for the film quit along time ago, after taking the long gap and will appear in the movie AGYAAT, and she last appered in the movie “Darling”

As source says, when asked about the song named quite differently, and Priyanka laughed and said the name of the song looked quite cutely “Kiss Mix” and there are some special reasons behind that song and it is worthwhile.

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