“Raavan” shooting in the forest, official gets irritate

mani-ratnamRaavan is the  epic  movie of india  being directing by Mani Ratnam, and the story is been taken from the glory Ramayan, at present theshot of the film has bee going in Ooty  due to some reasons the shot for the movie stopped temporarily because of  excessive use of the smoke effect drew the attention of forest officials in the area, but no body got injured or any belongings are damaged the smoke was created purposefully because the movie having  one seen in the smoke that made mani ratnam had to think about it  and  created huge smoke on the night 8pm the scene enrolls with Govinda.

Forest officials  by seeing the image around in thought some thing his burning came near to the set and asked to stop the smoke with the redface anyhow it is dangerous to create that much huge smoke in the forest may becomes costly to the lives. coming to the film Peter Hein the action director has fractured himself, Sham was taken as a replacement.However  The scene  can be created only in the nightfor some days, the cast and crew rest in the day and start work at night.

This is not the first time the unit has run into problems with the forest officials. Earlier, the Kerala Forest Division had asked the cast and crew to move out due to illegal construction in one of their forests. Govinda remained unavailable for comment.But the movie in the Tamil version Abhishek replaces by Vikram

Abhishek Bachchan          Ravan
Aishwarya                            Rai Sita
Vikram                                   Ram
Govinda                                 Hanuman
Ravi Kishan                          Kumbhakarna
Ajay Gehi                              Vibhishana

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