Arman Kumar Jha, Indian finds life difficult by sweeping the Russian roads

armaan-kumar-jhaArman Kumar Jha appeard in some films and had played some critical Villain roles in the movie but they are not much held high in the market they are unnoticed to everyone  after he used to work for some feature films diring this time he met agorgeous  Christina a lady who is from an russian origin has came to india to learn  indian culture, dance , and language while she was got the taste of india.

Arman met her in some how in the sets in Mumbai, since then he got mad love for her, that made overall look like love at first sight, but the russian born not conviced by him so easily, after some time Christina finds faith in Arman, but the Arman’s family did’nt liked her as their bride so happily but some got married, and later Christina becomes mother in her home town in russia while Arman stayed in india.However, when Arman finally re-joined Christina, he found out that love did not conquer all.

Little  knowing the Russian language, he had no chance to get a job at a theater as he had hoped to, while the cost of living in Russia was much higher than in India.As usual here inthis Arman life also wents back indark because of his stubborn nature where he decided to leave his parents for beloved one and also Arman knows no work apart from acting.

Christina also has no job after being learning the indian dance where her dance will work for her in her own town, that made both to work hard for money, the russians one day money can spent one month in India.Because of money Arman forced to earn money by doing a job sweeping the roads  in Russia and to come back to india, but he refuses to take money from his parents because he sees his perils as a disgrace and cannot tell them.


  1. Haa ha… so funny. I never see him in any of the bollywood movie. BTW what are the movie names he worked for? Bollywood stars are getting tons of money so no body will even think about leaving that luxurious life, so forget about working as sweeper. I’m talking about the real bollywood star and this guys is not a bollywood star. In fact, no body knows his face in India.

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