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Rakhi ka swayamvar OR Rakhi Sawant swayamvar was launched in NDTV imagine online with 16 aspitants in the race for rakhi ka swamber.

Rakhi Sawant’s  long wait is finally over she has finally launched her dream reality show “Rakhi Ka Swayamvar” on NDTV Imagine. Rakhi Sawant has decided get married and  she will be choosing her groom on NDTV Imagine’s show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar, while she has  shortlisted 16 bachelors who will compete to win over her. As we all know  Rakhi’s  clever when conversing with any one it seems that it is not easy to win her for the competeters who will be appear in the show. Rakhi feels as  accurate an important decision where she can able to find the right man who will be her  partner through the rest ofher life. Rakhi has selected  Udaipur and the Fateh Garh Palace which are very beautiful loactions for her swayamvar.

The 16 prospective grooms range between 21 and 32 years. Kapil Mathur , Luv Khanna, Manas Katyal, Pranav Damle, Ather Parvez Mallik, Ashwin Choudhari, Deepak Raghav, Chitiz Jain, Elesh Parujanwala, Manmohan Tiwari, Ali Bana, Raj Kripal Singh, Aman Talwar, Rishi Dwivedi, Atirek Sharma and Raman Handa.

Ram Kapoor who has been treating as brother and acts as host for Rakhi Sawant  and her celebrity friends will also come on the show and help in making the right decision.

The reality show ‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ will be telecasted on NDTV Imagine at 9 AM from Monday to Friday.

Latest update:

Rakhi Sawant a 30+ old

Rakhi Sawant has been a 30 years 7 months 23 days old today. That means she is around 8 years older than Manas Katyal, who is  claiming that she is either 28 or 29 years old

Rakhi Sawant  observes ‘Karva Chauth’ for five men

Rakhi has already observed the fast for not one but five men in the run up to her “swayamvar” thefestival which is yet to come in next two months.

Luv Khanna, Manas Katyal, Elesh Parujanwala, Chhitiz Jain and Manmohan Tiwari – decided to support her and observed the fast with Rakhi.

  • Luv’s mother gifted her a bangle and a Ganesha idol.
  • Manas’ mother cooked for her.
  • Chhitiz’s mother brought her some childhood memories of her son.
  • Manmohan’s mom presented her Ganga jal from their hometown Rishikesh.
  • Only Toronto-based Parujanwala’s mother couldn’t be on the show as she is abroad.

Coming to the point Ashwin Chaudhari  has done fabulous performance in the show with  Rakhi. He asked his doubts on her previous life and relations where she left with red faced in 12th episode.

Ram Kapoor given  chance to all the six contestants to ask Rakhi what ever they wanted to know about her.

1Q: Do u have any alleged relationship with anyone in the past while some forecfully pulled in to it ?

A: Rakhi Just took out her sandal and waved it in the air with out opening her lips.

2Q: I’ve heard that Mika wanted to participate in the contest. Did he really love you so much ?

A: Rakhi turned more red and furious. She could not reply him anything.

While some relates basic nature comparison between Paris hilton and Rakhi Sawant

Some say the show has been fixed, where Rakhi will not marry any of the contestant or the winner where he may get only huge amount of money at the end of the show.

Grooms  who observed fast on Karva Chauth

Luv Khannamanas-katyalElesh ParujanwalaManmohan Tiwari

Chhitiz Jain

Expect what will happen to Rakhi Sawant or what she will do in coming days


Rakhi Sawant getting married to Toronto-based entrepreneur Elesh Parujanwala  on live TV on August 2.

Elesh has decided to shift base to Mumbai from Toronto. He is already shifted a part of his  business from Toronto to Mumbai and he wanted to stay for a very long time. Elesh used to watch Rakhi Sawant in her films and her music videos. While he  never thought that he would  one day be asking her hand for marriage.

Rakhi Sawant will make the life changing decision in the final episode to be shown in India on Sunday (2nd August). The channel is yet to decide whether to show the finale in the UK on Sunday itself or on Monday (3rd August).

Rakhi once said that she  would never marry any one, but here in her show, did she changed her attitude ?

Do you like to watch Rakhi Sawant in the show of  Sach Ka Saamna ?

Yes or No – write in the comments below…


  1. hi rakhi i just wana say that dnt lsn to any1 jst lsn to ur heart nd wateva ur heart says jst do that u will find ur love one day and i think you should carry on with the show sach ka samana all the best and 1 more thing do ring me on 07717737243 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lve u and wish u the best and may god bless u and may no hurdels come in your way best of luck love u one of ur true fan

  2. rakhi is complete drama.. for her drama her man shud b man mohan again another dramaaa hahahaha

    m true na….

  3. Rakhi ne shdi ko majak bananeme kya ALL THE BEST khahe.

  4. swati sharma says:

    hy rakhi good job done…

  5. yes

  6. Hi rakhi pehlay mai tumay paasand nahi kerti thi lekin jaab say tumay relaity show mai deka toh mai bhi tumay pasand kerti ho dear ab ilesh ka dil mat toodna he is very nice gye so uski care kerna rakhi woh tumay boohat paayar kerta hai uski aako mai deekta hai

    or tum dono ki hodi really touch wood boohat paayari lagti hai raki

  7. hi, rakhi

    how are you congraulaion for your married life

    enjoy your life……………….

    best of flack………………….


    i just want to talk to rahki one time on 9953329429 in between 10:00am to 6:00 pm only plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. hi rakhi congraulation from agenjment u r very hot i like u u dont give me a chance in swamber

  10. laxmi sundar says:

    why not sure?. this is the show that every people can see and hear ,what is the truth is??………….Rakhi BEST OF LUCK……….

  11. hi rakhi,
    you was looking fabulous at your swamber nyt…… yes i want to see u in SACH KA SAMNA

  12. Neena Verma says:

    hai rakhi,
    u have a very good decison by tgiving Time to elesh ,bcz evrthing abot is DISCLOSED but somehow u Should also know how he is offscreen..wonderful Decision..u have taken every decsion after thinking a lot it was very good..take care happy married life..hope u get happiness in ur life….

  13. hey Rakhi u chose Elesh he is perfect husband for u. I pray to GOD u will always be happy

  14. Dear,Rakhi, we really enjoy your sawamber and we no that you will not marry any body of this gusy and you did it saying that u need some time, so what is the meaning of sawamber please explain. We no that sawanber means the girl has to chose the guy and on the spot she has to marry him, but u need time which sawamber your doing 21th century. u got the time u spend time with the guys then what time u need…… come on open your eyes leave the life with truthness…..u r good wisher.

  15. ABHAY SHARMA says:




  16. Yes offcourse, Rakhi should face in Sach ka Saamna.!!!! Let us see how much Rakhi is innocent and true!!!!

  17. rakhi,

    please choose someone fast,end the programe because we are boring ……………

  18. hi rakhi,All The best

  19. ya i want that rakhi come at sach ka saamna…..so that lot of misunderstandings can clear????

  20. hiiiiiiiiii rakhi baghwan kare ki tum bhut saflta se aage bado keep smiling

  21. hi rakhi i juz want to say plz dont hear wat other people say juz listen to ur heart ,wat ur heart will say n final it because life is ur u r very beautiful very brave n u knw wat i want to be like u because jo sach bolte hamesha unki aankho me alag hi chamak hoti hai n m sur u’ll find ur love one day best of luck .love u one of ur fan

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