Ram Gopal Varma hates Michael Jackson like any other

ram-gopal-varmaRam Gopal  Varma the popular film maker of films like versions of Thriller,Horror, Drama, Suspense etc.. RGV has written in his blog that he hates Micheal Jackson like any other and making him realise that he was only a human being, because he don’t want to listen that he has died or his moves are dissapeared due to his love on the MJ .

The director expressed his feelings like that every human being has heart and needs air to breath which are cannot stop from any body. Michael Jackson the “POPKING” ranks at the top of the chart in any list he then suddenly left the world leaving lakhs of people  and died for cardiac arrest.

Varma then wrote about his college days when one day he went video parlour to watch Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ with his friends, and then he was shocked and confused while he went on to watch the unimaginably high standards of picturisation, choreography all the thoughts made him struck their.

When Varma came out the parlour he was in a daze thinking that who has taken human shaped. Varma was attended the show of micheal jackson in 1996   in Mumbai and realised their can be only one man who has unique and impeccable follow.

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