Michael Jackson body missing

michael_jacksonMichael Jackson body missing is the rumor or truth? There are reports which say that Michael jackson body had dysmorphic disorder and no one is sure if at the Michael jackson burial the body was that of Michael Jackson or a Michael jackson body double. But the big question if that is true then where is Michael jackson’s body.

Oneoftha fan of king of pop perfomed  Thriller dance show in the Washington few days back dressed exactly like MJ but chanaged  some plan in the programe while he might have heard the heartbreaking news that MJ is no more butthe dance show like real on real Mj feet and the dance show was held in the darkness.

Suddenly the house lights were turned up again and the song “Thriller” played again. But in the darkness arose a sea of flickering cigarette lighters and the audience to their feet in final tribute, or perhaps more in denial, of their King of Pop passing.

Whistling and applauding in the darkness, they blindingly demanded an encore. Only the lifeless body of Michael Jackson was once again, back on the stage, resting in his closed golden casket.

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