Mithun Chakraborty will play a cameo

mithun-chakrabortyMithun Chakraborty will play a cameo:

Mithun Chakraborty one of the unique personalities of bollywood  famously know as Mithunda and this time he will be doing one of his favourite role in his upcoming movie  but he will be playing a cameo, Raja Chanda will give direction and Jeet Gannguli will be scoring the music. The director and the actor combination helds very high while we have seen that from their last realease  Juddha (2005) and this time together they had set the screen on fire.

The story is  all about an IPS officer  goes to North Bengal for a mission and the story begins there, who believes that criminals shouldn’t be given a second chance and be killed immediately.

He gets suspended quite a few times but is brought back. Manjil Banerjee will write  the film’s script and has kept Mithun’s role in mind. Sayantika may get a role  in the movie

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