Kavya Madhavan applied for divorce

Kavya MadhavanKavya Madhavan applied for divorce

Kavya Madhavan is a malayalam actress  who got married to Nishal Chandra earlier this year.

Kavya’s  friends reveals  that she was cheated by the Marriage and  Kavya was at her home from the last one month before she stayed in Kuwait along with her husband after the marriage,.

Kavya consulted her advocate regarding her divorce issue as per the law  that at least one year separation is needed for filing divorce petition. The reason for divorce decision  is not clear.

If the news is to be believed, then its really sad incident for the South Indian Film Industry and especially for the Malayalam film viewers. Kavya’s last film released in Malayalam is Ee Pattanathil Bhootham.  She has also acted in Tamil Films.

what exactly happpened to mlayali beauty Kavya Madhavan Y she is taking from his husband Nishal Chandra ?

Nishal Chandra is a frod ?


  1. i’ve earlier heard dat his family s nt good.. bt dint believe it den bt now…..!!
    his elder brother also a divorcee.. brother got divorced before kavya-nishal marriage n dat girl s a student n motherlaw’s approach 2wards her ws nt appreciable, ws headin too much in their lives. i think its d ‘possessive mamma thing’.. but anyways they spoiled another girl’s life too n dat too a state’s pet.. :-/..
    mm poor girl…

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