Priyanka Kothari hot photos – Nisha kothari

Priyanka Kothari also known as Nisha Kothari, is an Indian Bollywood actress and model who is the lead actress in Ram Gopal Varma’s Agyaat. Here are Priyanka Kothari hot photos, album and some interesting aspects about Priyanka Kothari. Priyanka Kothari is known mainly for her daring costumes and sexy item songs that have been popular to an extent.

Know more about Priyanka Kothari

  • Priyanka Kothari was born on November 30, 1983
  • Sagittarian Kothari was born in Kolkata
  • She can speak English, Gujarati, Bengali, and Hindi with ease
  • She did her education from New Delhi with a degree in Chemistry at Delhi University at Dayal Singh College

Priyanka Kothari Filmography

  • Kothari became a model and appeared in a few adverts
  • Moved into films with Jay Jay, a Tamil movie, as Amoha (Got her break through actor Madhavan, who recommended her for an audition after viewing her photographs)
  • Made her Bollywood debut in the films James and Sarkar (which came out first), both by Ram Gopal Varma
  • Went on to do The Killer with Emraan Hashmi and the Bhatts
  • Recently done Agyaat with RGV


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