Mammootty, Sarath Kumar in Pazhassi Raja, launched film website

Pazhassi Raja Mammootty, Sarath Kumar are the  Malayalam superstars actors inaugurated the website for their forthcoming release, Pazhassi Raja in Chennai, while the other side Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan have teamed up for Unnaippoal Oruvan, Mammooty and Sarath are non theless they also wanted to do some different, as  they  are coming together after all most 19 years. Pazhassi Raja is a  historical drama.

This film is also slated to be released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi. Manoj K Jayan and Suresh Krishna also done important roles in the film. As for the sources, the actors claimed Pazhassi Raja to be the first freedom fighter

Mammootty, Sarath Kumar are the  Malayalam superstars actors
inaugurate new film’s website
Chennai: Malayalam superstar Mammootty and Tamil star Sarath Kumar inaugurated the website for their forthcoming release, Pazhassi Raja in Chennai on Tuesday. But the focus was clearly on a collaboration of a different kind.
Tamil and Malayalam stars sharing screen space seems to be the trend of the season. If Mohanlal and Kamal Hassan have teamed up for Unnaippoal Oruvan, then Mammooty and Sarath are coming together after all most 19 years, for the historical drama Pazhassi Raja.
This story of the legendary Malayali prince, who died fighting the British made at a budget of about Rs 30 crore, is perhaps one of the most expensive films in Malayalam. While Mammootty plays the lead role of the Malayali prince and Sarath plays his warrior in the film.
“I’m really happy to have done this character which suited me very well because of my built. When they told me the script, I really liked it as a warrior and it had all the nuances, the action scenes, the emotions, the performance and working with Mammootty was a great experience for me,” said Sarath.
“I don’t feel any difference working with any of my co-actors. I’m very friendly with everybody. Even if I act with anybody and we know each other very well. Even when I started my Tamil films, he was there with me and I’m comfortable with all actors and they are comfortable with me,” added Sarath.
Mammooty had his take on southern film productions having dominated the 55th National Awards, picking up the key awards.
“We make the better films I think, we make more films. See last time in the Indian Panorama-there were 21 films to be included in the Panorama and seven Malayalam films, that is one third, we are there,” said Mammootty.
Talking about his films in the future, Mammootty said, “I’m doing a film with Arjun that is Aruvadai. That is a new direction by Pankaj productions. That is already almost finished.”
And what about the other projects in the actor’s kitty right now?
“I’ve already finished a film with Shaji N Karun, a film called Loudspeaker with Jayaraj, another film with a midnight murder story, Paleri Manickam it’s again a period film. We have done a film called Kerala Café, which has ten stories put together; I’m there in one story. And I’ll be joining for Chattambi Raja on Wednesday,” he said.
Now that sounds like a treat for all Mammootty fans!
Mammootty and Sarath in a Tamil film
September 09, 2009
It is well publicized that the Malayalam mega star Mammootty and Tamil’ supreme star Sarath Kumar are acting together in a multilingual film, titled Pazhassi Raja in Malayalam. This film is also slated to be released in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi.
Speaking to the reporters about the film, both the actors said that they would work together once again in a Tamil film if the opportunity comes by. Apart from Mammootty and Sarath Kumar, Manoj K Jayan and Suresh Krishna also don important roles in the film.
The actors clarified that it was never claimed Pazhassi Raja to be the first freedom fighter, as reported earlier, but he is one of the freedom fighters in the early stages of freedom struggle.


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    Excellent Movie. A must watch.

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    Excellent music from Ilayaraja. No doubt why he is considered the best adaptor of folk music in to film music cleanly. he might have tempted to to use new generation trumpets to adjust with the dance loving, merry making new gen. He is a master crafter. Listen the Song sung by chitra, the taste of honey from that song is mesmerising

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