Katrina Kaif in hindi film ‘Blue’

katrina kaif Katrina kaif hot wallpapers, photos or pics from the film Blue. This is the latest forth coming movie in hindi. An action flick with hot men and sexy ladies, Blue is not only about Akshay Kumar or Katrina Kaif, but also about A R Rahman. So, for you all Rahmaniacs, the maestro is back with the music album of ‘Blue’.

Katrina kaif has signed up to act in the Blue film. She has been paid Rs. 1.5 crores for doing this service to   audience. The name of the Bollywood film is “BLUE” and it is not a typical underground blue film like you would imagine. Hot and sexy Katrina Kaif is the Bollywood heroine who is doing an item song for the film titled Blue.

Katrina kaif has signed up to act in the Blue film. She has been paid Rs. 1.5 crores for doing this service to


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