Mallika Sherawat in blue film ?

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Read recent news, Bollywoods sexiest actress is getting good fame in hollywood also. Famous American photographer  Mr. McMullan is known throughout the world as the preeminent photographer of A-list celebrities and the power elite., and he immortalized the lips of the bombshell.

His collection is one of the largest archives of famous people in existence, including Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Julie Roberts, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and more recently, Mallika Sherawat.


  1. malika sherwarth you look so beauty

  2. sarthibehl says:


  3. i want to kiss u r body

  4. very nice image

  5. kamal kumaran says:

    i just crazy to see mallika sherawt hot films with actor imran hashmik

  6. wahid hussain qazi says:

    I wana participate in the big money game show


  7. Velly nice.. I hope she continues her excellent work. She is amazing, and her talent is revealed to outside world to show what great talent has she.. Waah bhai Waah

  8. malikaaaa don’t shoot hot snaps… plzzzzzz

  9. ATTAR SINGH says:


  10. yashpal says:


  11. s dear i like this sexy video

  12. Iwant see Mallika hot songs

  13. mallika is so sexy

  14. i love u very much in ur sexy pose

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  16. Na vuna podanumd,Vu Kudhia Kamide thevidiya..

  17. abhinavmahata says:

    love u

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