Namrata Shrestha in mms video scandal ?

Namrata ShresthaNamrata Shrestha is a Nepali actress and model. As for the reports says, Namrata was found involved in a controversial sex scandal. It was a six minute sex video that featured Namrata and her boyfriend DJ Tantrik.

DJ Tantrik is already married man . Unexpectedly  sex video was filmed by a mobile by an unknown person and this mms clip spread from mobile to mobile like fire around the cities.

This video was called unexpected as such cases are very rare in a country like Nepal. The wife of DJ Tantrik also seen the video and she was shocked.


  1. ASIs. Wangdel says:

    Minute ko 1000 rs dinchu.. Baby what u thin.

  2. shankar dev says:

    she can be a better star

  3. i want a chance with namrata too. i want to be instead of dj tantrik

  4. keep it up. looking forward for your next video.

  5. so bad namarata….

  6. i think its simple but namrata shouldnot have given a chance to shoot

  7. love you Namrata no matter what.

  8. Greatest Mistake!!!!!!…………….

  9. I think, tantrik was the closest enemy of Namrata was enough danger than away. Trantrik showed proving it.He was not only yours enemy but was yours whole family as well as generation. God never save him for this work.

  10. It is a great mistake done by Namrata and she just can’t recover it till next next life

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