What s your rashee ? Find out..

Priyanka ChopraPriyanka Chopra has done a great job in this movie and has arguably given her career’s best performance & justified to all the 12 characters.

Yogesh Patel is a young romantic who isn’t in favor of arranged marriage. But his ideals find no place in the real world when he’s forced to find a bride in 10 days or risk causing his family’s downfall. Putting a plan in place, Yogesh decides to go on 12 dates with 12 women. Each woman will be born under a different astrological sign or raashee, and this, he believes, would be the best way to make sure he finds a suitable wife.

Two meetings per day gives him six days to meet them, three days to make a final decision and one final day to marry his newly found soul mate, or so he thinks.

Overall, ‘What’s your Rashee’ is an interesting movie, but its length that stretches beyond three hours fails to captivate the audience throughout the flick. Plus, the large number of characters leaves one slightly confused.

12 Characters & Names

Name of the Rashee: Aries
Character name: Anjali, the journalist.

Name of the Rashee: Taurus
Character name: Vishakha, the bollywood babe.

Name of the Rashee: Gemini
Character name: Kajal, the bubbly girl.

Name of the Rashee: Cancer
Character name: Hansa, the sati savitri.

Name of the Rashee: Leo
Character name: Mallika, the dancer.

Name of the Rashee: Virgo
Character name: Pooja, the doctor.

Name of the Rashee: Libra
Character name: Rajni, the upper class corporate girl.

Name of the Rashee: Scorpio
Character name: Nandini, the tight lipped.

Name of the Rashee: Sagittarius
Character name: Bhavna, the thinking woman.

Name of the Rashee: Capricorn
Character name: Jhankhana, the village belle.

ame of the Rashee: Aquarius
Character name: Sanjna, the girl next door.

Name of the Rashee: Pisces
Character name: Chandrika, the traditional girl.

Do U feel above any one of your Raashee  is that yours. Is that Exactly the same ?

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