Rekha in Aastha – hot video

RekhaRekha has done hot scene with bollywood actor Ompuri in the movie “Aastha”. This film released in the year 1997, which was a sensastional hit. The video in the you tube shows, its still a sexy hot scene ever made with an top bollywood actress.

Rekha plays a role of  wife to Ompuri.Om Puri and Rekha are a normal, middle-class couple and have mutual faith in each other.Basu Bhattacharya has directed the film with an off-beat script very well.

The procuress diverts the simpleton’s mind and draws her into a hep prostitution ring. Now Rekha gets confident, that she is able to lure the men into her charms and make a fast buck. On the other soul, she feels guilty of cheating her husband.

But after learning his wife’s indiscretions, the husband discuss it with his wife and both of them decides to start a fresh life.

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