Kanakadasa: Kanaka Jayanti: Kanaka Dasa, a Musician birth anniversary

kanaka-dasaKanakadasa –  Kanaka jayanti: Kanaka Dasa, a Musician birth anniversary (522th) celebrations or cultural events for six days at Jagan Mohan Palace Auditorium – Mysore city, Karnataka. In 2009, Kanakadasa Jayanthi is date, 5th November.

Kanaka Dasaru (1509–1609) was great poet, philosopher, musician and composer from Karnataka. He is known for his Kirtanes and Ugabhoga compositions in the Kannada language for Karnataka Music. Uniqueness of his compositions is that he embedded common people’s day-to-day language into the complicated classical Karnataka music which was mostly limited to scholarly language. He is also known for propagating Dwaita philosophy of Shri Madhvacharya through poetry and music to the masses in the Karnataka region of South India.

Noted artistes will take part in the cultural events starting 5.30 pm.

The lineup of cultural events at Jaganmohan Palace Auditorium :

November 6- Kanakadasa Kritis by Shankar Shanabagh
November 7- Vocal by Pratima Arte
November 8- Vocal by Nagavalli Nagaraj
November 9- Devotional music by Ganesh Bhat
November 10- Ballet by Vasudhara Doreswamy

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