Katrina Kaif sisters and names

Katrina Kaif sisters and names are here below – Bollywood hot actress Katrena Kaf is one among eight Kaif sisters. According to the latest reports, Bolywod Actress KatrinaKaif s sister Isabel Kaf, hit the internet. Esabel Kaif got caught in a MMS sex Video clip, scandal. EsabelKaif s hot MMSvideo has been hot searched item in UK and India, now. There are reports that MMS s*x vedeo clip alomost looks like Katreena Kaif’s sister EsabelKaf, but not she is. MMSvideoclip leaked on You Tube is a 10 min long MMS clip girl is similar to KatrinaKaf s sister Isabel Kaif. However, the confirmation involvement of IsabelKaif in the MMS scandal is yet to be ascertained.

Kaif sisters names: Katrina Kaif, Alliza Kaif, Ayesha Kaif, Maria kaif, Habiba kaif, Anila Kaif, Alina Kaif and Eshal Kaif. But where is  the name of Isabel Kaif or Isabella Kaif in the list.

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