Rahul Mahajan Swayamvar contestants, Three finalists

Rahul Mahajan Swayamvar is all set to end with a marriage on the NDTV Imagine TV channel. RahulMahajanSwayamvar the shortlisted Three finalists Dimpy Ganguly, Nikunj Malik, Harpreet Chabra from the 16 brides.RahulMahajan decided to take the plunge and search for his bride on television through Imagine’s Swamvar – Season 2 after an accustomed to living his life in full glare of the public. So, Which Bride is better for Rahul Mahajan?

Profile of the 3 Brides

Harpreet : 20 yr HarpreetChabra from Delhi is a model and anchor by profession and is quite mature for her age.
Harpreet lost her father at a young age, is very close to her mother and will not do anything against her wishes. She is very religious and goes to the Gurudwara everyday.
She is diplomatic by nature and tries to avoid confrontation. Harpreet feels her nature and personality are very compatible with Rahul.

Nikunj : 25 year old NikunjMalik from Faridabad is an accessory designer. She has done her Masters in accessory design and fashion management . Nikunj was accepted into the PHD program at IIM Ahmedabad but did not join as she decided against studying for a further 6 years.
She is very close to her family, especially mother and shares a fantastic bond with her. . Nikunj is an avid dog lover and has 5 pet doggies.
She wants to be marry Rahul because she finds him to be an intelligent guy.

Dimpi : 21 yr old DimpyGanguly from Kolkatta is a model and actress. She gave up a lead role with a leading bengali filmmaker to come on RDLJ to marry Rahul. Her actual name is Soumasri which means “as beautiful as the moon”, but since childhood she has had very cute dimples which got her the name Dimpy. She believes in living life on the edge, and feels this is what makes her stand out from the rest. She finds Rahul to be a very nice, friendly and clean hearted guy. Someone she can totally picture as her husband.

Contestants who have been eliminated

Girls who have been eliminated: Charmy, Priyadarshini, Twinkle, Tannu, Rupa, Rashmi, Sonia, Mrinali, Rajshree, Manni, Swati, Devinder and shanti.

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