Saniya Mirza fianlly to wed IPL rejected one of eleven Pakistani players

Saniya Mirza is an Indian tennis player and her problem to marry with a Pakistani cricket player has been ended. Story – SaniyaMirza was engaged in July 2009 to Sohrab Mirza, a business man from Hyderabad whom she knew since childhood.On 28 January 2010, it was announced that the Sania Mirza family had called off the engagement. The decision was reported to be mutual, with Mirza citing “incompatibility” as the reason for the split. SaniaMirza ‘s father claimed that the couple as well as their respective families continue to remain on good terms. On 29 March 2010, Pakistani media reported that Mirza will marry Shoab Malik, ex-captain of the Pakistan cricket team in April 2010. This news was confirmed to the media by her father. Later, Shoyeb Malik also confirmed on his Twitter page that they will get married in April 2010. The marriage date has been fixed for April 15. This will be Shoiab’s second marriage and Sania’s first. Sania will be Shoaib’s second wife after ShoiabMalik divorced his first wife Ayesha Siddiqui. Aisha Siddiiqi claimed that she is Malik’s first wife. According to Malik’s brother-in-law Imran Z Malik, the marriage proposal was taken by the cricketer’s mother to India. The formal nikaah ceremony is expected to take place on April 10 or 11, and the Walima or reception will reportedly be held in Lahore on April 16 or 17. And another news that Bournvita, The energy drink company has withdrawn their offer from Sania Mirza. Bournvita company selected Sania Mirza as their brand ambassador for their products promotion by paying few crores.As they have decided to withdraw after she decided to marry a Pakistani cricketer.While some Pakistan brands are coming forward to take Sania as their brand ambassadors. Saniya Mirza fianlly to wed IPL rejected one of eleven Pakistani players.

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