Bal Hanuman 2 3D digital animation watch movie

Bal Hanuman 2 is the India’s first 3D digital animation film and release date took place on 14 May. The film BalHanuman two would be released in only that theatres whih are are equipped with special projectors.BalHanuman2, directed by Pankaj Sharma, It can be best viewed by using a specs like one did watching Chhota Chetan.BalHanuman-2 explores Hanuman’s childhood great and amazing adventurous and childhood antics of Lord Hanuman.Tickets to watch this film will be costly, but once entered you will not regret for the money you’ve spent. Pankaj Sharma had earlier directed Bal Ganesh, Bal Ganesh-2, Panga Gang and Bal Hanuman 1. So, watch this movie where you can see a 3D effect of BalHanuman2 in the theater.

Releasing date : May 14, 2010
Language : Hindi
Genre : Animation, Children
Director : Pankaj Sharma

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