Desi Girl participants in ndtv imagine tv channel reality show

Desi Girl participants in ndtv imagine tv channel reality show, contestants names and photos are here below. Eight Mumbai’s glamorous divas are transplanted into a real life village in Punjab, in the battle to be crowned the ultimate DESI GIRL. These divas have to adapt to village life and also have to compete with one another to win the hearts of that village people. This village people will decide which one of these city girls has it in her to be like them and win the title of DesiGirl. Participants will stay with families and each Participant will undertake everyday tasks of the villagers such as milking cows, making cow dung cakes, cleaning the house, cooking food for the family and much more. Contestants will need to prove the villagers that they are not just glamour and style. Here are Glamorous faces are – Sambhavna Seth, Kashmera Shah, Roshni Chopra, Monica Bedi, Anmol Singh, Rucha Gujarati, Ishitta Arun & Aushima Sawhney.

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