Kites box office collection

Kites box office collection, hindi movie 2010 starring Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori.

Kites is a Bollywood film directed by Anurag Basu and produced by Rakesh Roshan, that stars HrithikRoshan, BarbaraMori, Kangana Ranaut, and Kabir Bedi. The KitesMovie was released in India and in North America on May 21, 2010. Its 208-theater opening in North America made it the largest Bollywood release there to that time. According to Box Office India, the film had a “humongous opening day” at the Indian box office, but it also said that the response to the film was “dull”, primarily due to the lack of Hindi used in the film. On its first weekend in the North America, the film opened in 208 theaters and ranked #10 in the box office, grossing $958,673. It was the first Bollywood movie to reach the weekend top ten, though My Name is Khan had a larger first-weekend North American gross, with $1.9 million at 120 theaters. Kites make debut at no 5 position on UK Top Movies with the opening of £274,000 from 70 screens and a robust £3,914 average.

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