Amulya kannada actress photos and Amoolya wallpapers

Amulya kannada actress photos and ‘Premism’ kannada movie starrer Amoolya wallpapers.

Amoolya is a Kannada film actress and former child actor. PREMISM is Directed by Hamsalekha and this is one of her best works so far. The film stars Chetan Chandra, Amooliya, Varun, Anant Nag, Avinash and Sunil Rao. The PremismFilm is of romantic genre. The PremismMovie is softly made which includes some comic moments. But ActreesAmulya looks pretty good in the film and has acted well. Overall’ There are a few faults, but the film is a wholesome entertainment. Here are AmulyaKannadaActress photos and wallpapers.

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