‘Naushad Ali Kawa eliminated from Indian Idol 5 top 6′

‘Naushad Ali Kawa eliminated from Indian Idol 5 top 6.’ Indian Idol 5 results:- Sony’s Indian Idol 5 eliminated the talented Naushad Ali Kawa from Jaipur, becomes latest victim to the inconsistent voting.

Naushad is one of the top five contestants of this season IndianIdol5 will bow out of the contest in tonight’s episode. It was announced that Naushad who won the Best Performer of the week award on Monday was declared to be the guy going out. Next week’s episode is expected to be the Wild Card round. Watch the elimination round tonight in Indian Idol.

Naushad Ali Kawa, Jaipur: 18-year old Naushad Ali Kawa is a classical and sufi singer from the Pink City, Jaipur. Naushad started his training in singing from his uncle Amanat Ali Kawa at a tender age of 3 years.


  1. ridhima says:

    shriram is really good singer.he is our idol.

  2. ridhima says:

    shriram is best singer in indian idol 5.i m his big fan and he is an indian idol 5.

  3. After Sreeram and Shivam Naushad was singing very well. I dont understand how he s eliminated. Is there any politics behind this decision..Those who are not singing well they are getting votes but those who are singing well and judges also liked them then how they r in bottom 3. Sashi , Arpita and Yashraj were better than Tia and Swaroop. Why Tia is getting votes. Naushad can sing any type of songs whether it s sufi, love song, sadsong or ghazal.

  4. naushad should b brought by the audience who got him so much fame n recognized this divine talent

  5. Nadeem ali says:

    Naushad is best singer in INDIAN IDOL 5….

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