Escape Cinemas Chennai online booking, Express Avenue

Escape Cinemas  Chennai online booking, Express Avenue. Sathyam Cinemas opened their new Multiplex in Express Avenue and it is named as “Escape”,Inauguration happened today at Express Avenue.

Eskape Cinemas Opening by 10.00am today try now for Endhiran screening or shows. Come and watch the World class Multiplex theater, Stay tuned and connected with it. Sathyam’s YEscape CINEMAS at Express Avenue is perfect for elite audiences. SathyamCinemas launches its first luxury multiplex in Chennai. ‘Escape’ has facilities like Smoking Zone, Dinning lounge at each screen, Wi-fi facilities, browsing centres, home theatres, movie munches, gaming room, I Pod touch, Any Time Ticket and massage chairs to rejuvenate body and mind. Escape 8 screens have different names like Blush, Weave, Spot, Streak, Plush, Frame, Carve and Kites. The theatres are opened today morning and the ticket price are Rs. 120/-. Enthiran is a forthcoming Tamil science fiction film co-written and directed by S. Shankar. The film features Rajinikanth and Aishwarya Rai in the lead roles with A. R. Rahman working on background score and soundtrack. It is expected to be released worldwide on 24 September 2010.


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