Prabhu Deva’s wife Latha approaches the family court against his re-marriage

Prabhu Deva’s wife Latha Prabhu Deva approaches the family court against his re-marriage.

According to the latest news and reports updates, The wife of Prabhu Deva approached the family court seeking not for divorce for being together. Mrs Lata Prabu Dev is very curious that Nayantara is working against the family and forcing PrabhuDev to dessert the family and make them suffer on roads. Ramlath, Prabhu’s ex wife has just filed a petition at the Family Court of Chennai, who has decided to bring her husband back to her. Ramalatha has requested the court to restore her conjugal rights. Former actress Ramalatha is in love with Tamil actress Nayantara and soon they will enter wedlock.

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