Big Boss 4 elimination list, Who will get eliminated

Big Boss 4 elimination list, Who will get eliminated. Big Boss 4 welcoming all the 14 contestants to the house. The Big Boss house is filled with some of the most controversial members. BigBoss4 ‘Bunty Chor’ was already shown the way out of the house in day one, due to his misbehavior with Bigg Boss and the inmates. Seema Parihar, the former Bandit queen and ‘Bunty Chor’ aka Devender Singh were the first nominations for the elimination round. However, Bigg Boss rules, two nominations are needed for the elimination round. But Bunty got eliminated it was only Seema Parihar who was on the elimination list. BigBoss four name on the elimination list, Seema Parihar, Hrishant Goswami, lawyer Abbas Kazmi and TV actress Sara Khan. The names for the elimination will be chosen entirely on the voting of the inmates of the Bigg Boss house.


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