Dolly Bindra, Samir Soni evicted from Big Boss 4

Dolly Bindra, Samir Soni evicted from Big Boss 4. Here are the latets news and updated reports on 2010 Bigg Boss Indian reality show. The BiggBoss contestants Dolly Bindra and Samir Soni were asked to leave the Bigg Boss house due to bad behaviour.

Both the contestants Doly Bindra, Sameer Soni yet to speak to the media about their elimination day. Latest updates is that there will be no evictions this week as two participants have already been thrown out. SamirSoni was evicted from the house on day 43 after a fight with Dolly Bindra.

BiggBoss 4 is the fourth season of the Indian reality TV program BigBoss, which started airing on Colors TV from October 3, 2010. This will be longer than its predecessor Bigg Bos 3 and will last for 14 weeks (96 days). The show is being hosted by Salman Khan. The house is located in city of Lonavla/Lonavale in the Indian state of Maharashtra.


  1. I’m really glad that Samir is back…

  2. Jaspal Sehdave says:

    Big Boss …. not fair … Bring Samir Back!!

  3. Hey Guys, U all are thinking in wrong . Somebody requesting Big Boss , somebody is suggesting. Nothing gonna happen guys. All is part of Game. This is Big Boss is Big Drama. And people are mad who watch this rubbish show. It was clearly visible that The Great Hopeless Big Boss was supporting that Dolly. And not only that he was telling Sameer was also responsible for this , my foot. Mr Big Boss tried lot to keep that Dolly only to make new new Issues in house. Now again house became calm he wil bring new Bomb to house only to make issues and entertain people. I really wonder why people watch such shows !!!!!! Its not at all Good for Family . Viewers should avoid watching such shows then only these all will not happen. What all they are doing for Publicity I just can’t believe. Guys don’t support for such things. Otherwise our India will not change . Media people mentality wil not change.

  4. BiggBoss this is very UNFAIR DECISION with Sameer
    Dolly Bindra physically & mentally harmed the housemates & you favored her
    sam stand for shewata u evicted him 


  6. I think it was unfair that BB threw out Samir. It should have been Dolly for getting physical with Shweta and Khalli for pushing Samir! Why they tried to chuck Samir out no idea! What he did by not wearing the mic and not talking to BB was right! Any person with self respect would do it! Where was BB when Ashmit etc were provoking Dolly-ji! Totally substandard! Total compromise of rules and unfair!

  7. Rajesh Sharma says:

    He conducted himslef very graciously and with lot of poise, dignity, self-respect and virtue. It is highly unfair of Bigg Boss to have clubbed him with the anti-thesis of the above qualities – Dolly Bindra. Does the show of Bigg Boss care for anything except TRPs? I am going to stop watching Bigg Boss after this. I appeal to and request all Indians to do the same teach the show organizers some lessons.

  8. wat a show…they proved tht ths show is for ppl like dolly bindra nt for genuine ppl like sam…he is a hero n oder men pls salman leave tht unfair show as it vl spoil ur bindaas n genuinity….

  9. big boss u should evict dolly bindra not samir its unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Dolly should go out, how dare she touch to hurt shweta which is rule breaking of big boss still big boss is supporting her? does sameer hurt dolly physically ? then why same kind of punishment for both?

  11. Its stupidity and very unfair to evict sameer for standing upto that obnoxious dolly. He had the guts to do that while the other spineless big talkers just crib behind her back. How come swetha didnt leave with samir? Get samir back!!

  12. I hate bigg boss for throwing out samir your very unfair.
    and yer changing the time too

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