Dolly Bindra to enter in to Bigg Boss house on Saturday

Dolly Bindra to enter in to Bigg Boss house on Saturday. Here are the latest news and updated reports on 2010 Bigg Boss 4.

Her infamy contestant of BiggBoss, Dolly Bindra unknowingly won the show with lot of popularity, Who now likely to make entry in to the show on Saturday this weekend, But still there no official news of her entry. Doly Bindra may surprise all the contestants with her entry in to big boss house. “Dolly Bindra came on the show as the wild card entry, she irritated the contestants, especially Shweta Tiwari and Sara Khan. Sources reports that the channel has got a lot of feedback from viewers, requesting them to bring DollyBindra back on the show. BiggBoss 4 is the fourth season of the Indian reality TV program BiggBos, which started airing on Colors TV from October 3, 2010. This will be longer than its predecessor BigBos 3 and will last for 14 weeks (96 days). The show is being hosted by Salman Khan.The house is located in city of Lonavla/Lonavale in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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