Manjula Kannada actress husband Yogesh arrested

Manjula Kannada actress husband Yogesh arrested. Catch here all the latest newsand updated reports, Manjula Husband Yogesh arrested for killing his over extramarital affair.

Bangalore Central Crime Branch (CCB) has arrested the husband of Manjula actress for killing his over extramarital affair. Manjula’s decomposed body was found near Taverekare on Sunday, Dec 12 2010. In CCB Investigation, said that they have arrested five persons in connection with the case. Her husband, Yogesh, was arrested on Tuesday, where as other four contract killers, Vikram, Anil, Prakash and Radeesh, were held earlier. Manjulaa was an Indian film actress who acted in Kannada language films.

She was one of the most successful and prominent actress of Kannada films. She has acted in more than 100 films.Yogesh is not tolorated any more after her wife manjulka started an affair with another person. Yogesh came to know about her affair and decided to kill her. He given contract for four killers for Rs 6 lakh.

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