Dhanush Aadukalam Hit or Flop? Danush Adukalam Tamil movie Pongal special

Dhanush Aadukalam Hit or Flop? Danush Adukalam Tamil movie Pongal special 2011. Catch here all the latest news and updated reports on Tamil actor Dhanush 2011 Tamil film Aathukalam.

Check out the Public Talk about the movie, get the Result and verdict YamlaPaglaDiwana Hit or Flop. Aadukalam is a Tamil film directed by Vetrimaran, that stars Dhanush and Taapsee Pannu in lead roles. The film is released in Pongal 2011. The film was previously christened as Seval, however was renamed since another film directed by Hari and starring Bharath had registered the title. Early indications suggest that the film could be based upon a true story which occurred in Madurai in the 1970s.

According to the people who have seen this movie tweeted saying that, adukalam rocks ama. saw Adukalam at Hyderabad … movie is excelent…especially climax is very very good….. enjoy the movie adukalam !!!!! adukalam is rocking even before the release!!! Its diffiscult to find a ticket for either Adukalam.

Have you seen this movie? Write your own comment about the movie Aathukalam.


  1. Flop movie.SIRUTHAI and Kavalan are getting positive talks between peoples.

  2. adukalam

  3. movie is good than lovers movie and same formula for sun pictures…….
    very nice movie and 100%lovers and fighters movie……….
    kavalan is also good. kavalan is better

  4. simply superb movie . esspecially tat dialouge irian i’m love you……..

  5. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb movie…………IRINE i am love you

  6. danush is likable.
    but film is boring all the way. apart from some different diologues

  7. cooooolllll

  8. polladhavan is better than aadukalam sun pictures always flop sucks………everyone knows……. it brings politics in cinema field tooo bad

  9. kavalan 90% 5 stars out of 5
    siruthai 75% 4 stars out of 5
    illainzhan 65% 2.5 stars out of 5
    aadukalam 50% 1.7 stars out of 5

    • Adukalam is superb………….KAVALAN simply mockkkkkkkke padam……….AADUKALM..it is original boh kavalan and siruthai is remakes………….

    • kavalan is a waste fil,m!!!!!!!!!1 0 out of 5

  10. adukalam is not family entertaiment movie

  11. song super but padam mokkaaaaaaaaaaaa

  12. there is no gud clarity in movie ……that’s the first drawback……then that punch dialogue not suits for dhanush……..namaku ena varutho atha mattum senja pothum……..openings luk’s lik a polathavan….director used a same formula………..

  13. first half the movie is good. second half they kept more so only people dont like it. if think or realise the story u will like it.

  14. danush acting is superb but minus is climax

  15. arivanandhan says:

    it is a excellent movie i like 2 half very much vettri once again prove the screenplay dhanush actina good

  16. aadukalam is flope

  17. Flop..
    Very very lose of the sun pictures Adukalam.. Dhush is completly waste

    Siruthai,&kavalan is best..

    • aadukalam is surperb and dhanush acting is nice and songs and dialogs are very nice


      Siruthai and Kavalan is waste vijay is waste

  18. movie is flop only sun picturs can help themovie by advertisement it for every 30 minitus flop flop flop

  19. good in 1st half…but worst in 2nd half…im a surya fan.but kavalan sounds better..there is comedy,romance,good climax…but 2nd half was little slow

  20. poor mov

  21. poor

  22. 1st half is good. 2nd half is very bad. Overall, movie does nt contain a clean camera work. Its irritating. Dhanush acting could hv been better. Its an average movie. Yet another madurai movie.

  23. First Half is really excellant.. but the later half is dragging and ends with lot of question marks… As a whole it is a nice movie…

  24. Damn great movie….love the intervel scene….best best best….but second half could be better…anywaz…luv d movie…for cg of rooster fight ;)

  25. fantastic
    no doubt it is superhit
    pongal pongaloo pongal
    aadukalam supero super

  26. i dont like the movie.i will give 1 ratings out of 5

  27. super

  28. aadukalam will be a flop or average grosser………..

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