Rakhi Sawant, Veena Malik Bigg Toss India TV’s Reality Show On World Cup

Rakhi Sawant, Veena Malik Bigg Toss India TV’s Reality Show On World Cup. Catch here all the latest news and updated reports on RakhiSawant and VeenaMalik BIGGTOSS IndiaTV or indiatvnews channel RealityShow On WorldCup.

Bollywood Hot actress Rakhi Sawant and Pakistani Hot actress Veena Malik hosting a discussion programme BIG TOSS during ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in their own style. Raki Sawant, Vina Malik will be talking about the batting, bowling strategies, the players and their performances etc. This show has been organized by the India TV channel.

BIGG TOSS India TV’s Reality Show On World Cup

Telecast Date (India’s Matches): 17th Feb / 19th Feb / 27th Feb / 6th Mar / 9th Mar / 12th Mar / 20th Mar / Quarter Finals / Semi Finals / Final (Show will be aired day before and after the Indian match days)

Time Slot/ Duration: 8:00 – 9:00 pm / 1 hour
Bigg Toss is India TV’s unique and mindblowing concept, the first time ever on any Indian news channel covering cricket.

As World Cup fever grips the Indian subcontinent , India TV assembles top notch celebrities, notably Veena Malik and Rakhi Sawant, to watch matches involving India and discuss the pros and cons of players in their inimitable style. The guests have been housed in an exclusive villa.

Pre Match Episode: Around 14 – 15 celebrities will stay in villa and will be divided in to two groups.
In turn they will choose their favorite player out of the Indian squad.

They will also be given various “Bigg Toss Tasks” which one of the groups needs to win to get first chance for choosing the player.

At the end of the episodes, both the teams have chosen players and wait for the next day to see their performance in the match.

Post Match Episode: All individual house mates and their teams will be awarded points on the basis of performance of players chosen by them. Whoever gets the highest points would adjudge the winner. But here comes the “Master Stroke” which may overturn the whole process and whoever gets higher points through master stroke may become the winner.

Bigg Toss Tasks: These are the tasks or small games given to inmates to make the whole programme interesting.
These will be mostly cricket related small games for example flying off bales and stumps through balls.
Whichever team would win get to choose the Indian player first. These will mostly be part of pre match episodes.
Master Stroke: Master stroke will be introduced in the post match episodes to give twists and turns to the proceedings in the house.

Master stroke may throw an unexpected winner and may give rise very interesting situations among the inmates. For example when a winner is about to be declared based on the maximum points inmates will be given chance to earn more points by searching for miniature bats with point concealed in the house at various locations.

They will be talking about the batting and bowling strategies, the players, their performances etc. This show has been organized by the India TV channel. They said it is very common to have experts and speak about the matches and give their expert opinion. That is why the channel brought in something different.

Source indiatvnews.com

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