Bombat Bhojana

Bombat Bhojana

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  1. naveen kumar says:

    i like ur show so much, i didnt miss any episode till today, i like to participate in yo progame,

  2. hi sihi kahi uncle u r program is too gud i feel like eating all the recipies u show but wht to do i am bit fat so my mom wont allow me to prepare all of u r reciepies ………. so r there any reciepies which r related to diet food……

  3. Hi Sihi-Kahi Sir, Nimma programme bhombhat…. Nivvu mado adigeya ruchi super bhombhat….
    When iam at home without missing i will watch and TRY it @ home, as iam working for Morgan Stanley Mutual Fund, i miss the programme kindly let me know where will i get your cooking book?
    And i wana participate in your programme also… Takecare…. All the Best… Bhombat bhojana team….

  4. Vijaya Murthi says:

    Do you publish recipes on the web site as on your show it is difficult to watch & take down at the same time !
    Anyway thanks for a very interesting & informative show.

  5. lakshmikanth says:

    your show is simly superb but while explaining how to prepare the recipee make it little slow

  6. SIR,

  7. sir,
    the recipies are tooooooo gud
    i need the reciepe buk sir, wer can i get it in bangalore….
    m hauntig for it….. waiting for ur reply

  8. anupama says:

    hi sir… me & my mom likes yours program.. .. how can i get your book in belgaum sir.. plz reply me….

  9. AshaRamesh says:

    sir, damn curious to get that book sir, pls sir let me know where will i get that book. pls sir its a humble request ur recipes are damn good and feel like having it sir so only let me know where is tat book available

  10. vasanthi_bindu says:

    pls give me your cooking book sir where we take that book sir pls give me ur adress sir

  11. sir plz tell me where that book vill get . i am staying in jallahalli circle bangalore north

  12. srilakshmi.k.p says:

    hi sir, can u plz tell me, in which hotel i get ur book…..

  13. Hi Sir i want to knoe your website to order a book plss let me no as soon as possible

  14. sharmista says:

    I would to have the Bombat Bhojana book how can i get it.i stay in JP Nagar 2nd phase plz healp me

  15. program tumba chennagi mudi barta ide,

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