Sonam Kapoor finds good boy in Punit Malhotra

Sonam Kapoor finds good boy in Punit Malhotra. Here are the latest news and updated reports on the Bollywood charming actress Sonam Kapoor, and I Hate Love Storys director Punit Malhotra.

According to the latest rumours of Waves of Love between PunitMalhotra and arising star Sonam Kapur have been doing the rounds for some time now. Though the duo are not interested to comment on it, Punit given his presence with Sonam, when she is in illness. SonamKapoor finds her beau as Punit Malhotra, as well as ‘goody boy’ and has been telling her friends this. According to her friends, saying that Sonam finds Punit to be a totally opposite to her and that.

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