Kavya Madhavan’s Marriage Declared Invalid

Kavya Madhavan Malayalm actress marriage declared invalid and she granted divorce, officially.

According to the latest buzz, Film actress Kavya’s marriage with Nischal Chandra was officialy Declared Invalid by the Ernakulam family court. Actor Kavya and Nishal ChandraKuwait-based software engineer are divorced. Joseph Thekke Kuruvinal court judge of Ernakulam family dissolves their couple of years old marriage on Monday. During the last hearing, the judge had given the chance to couple for last-term counseling, but Kavya and Nishal showed there were incompatible and they can live separately Kavya and Nishal are married in December 2008 and flown to Kuwait in February 2009. She came back in June and the duo went to court in October. Kavya and Nishal had appeared before the Ernakulam Family Court on May 25,2011 and expressed their willingness for a mutual divorce.Divorce was finally granted by the end of may 2011.

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