Diana at 50 featured with Kate on cover of Newsweek

Diana at 50 featured with Kate Middleton on cover of Newsweek July 4, 2011 issue of the magazine. The mage of Princess Diana is shown with Kate Middleton on the cover is made by a computer for the July 4, 2011 issue of the magazine.

Diana, Princess of Wales (1 July 1961 – 31 August 1997) was an international personality of the late 20th century as the first wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, whom she married on 29 July 1981.

The wedding, held at St. Paul’s Cathedral, was televised and watched by a global audience of over 750 million people. The marriage produced two sons: Princes William and Harry, currently second and third in line to the thrones of the 16 Commonwealth realms, respectively.

On 31 August 1997, Diana was fatally injured in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris, which also caused the death of her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed and their driver, Henri Paul, acting security manager of the Hôtel Ritz Paris. Millions of people watched the princess’ funeral.

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