Isha Sharvani Zaheer Khan to exchange engagement rings

Isha Sharvani Indian actress and stylistic and difficult dance performer and Indian ace fast bowler Zaheer Khan to exchange engagement rings, Recently, there were reports did the buzz that Zak had secretly married his longtime girlfriend Isha Sharvani.

The duo Zaheer and Isha were quick to rubbish the news as unheld gossip, and also declined rumours that they had started living together. Sources buzz that, Zaheer and Isha are planning to get engaged soon. The couple has been telling that they are pals for quite a while now, although a report aired some time ago said that they were headed for a split. The following buzz was that they had tacked together. The latest on the couple is that they could be exchange engagement rings by the end of this year. After all, a source very close to the actress said the couple’s wedding was not immediately on the cards. Nevertheless, only time will tell for the two will marry this year.


  1. finally our spearhead is getting married….Congrats Have a wonderfull life Zak…….

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