Rakhi Sawant seeking man in Swami Ramdev, Wants to marry!

Rakhi Sawant Bollywood’s SUPER Sensual & Sultry Blonde Siren ‘Item Girl’ is said to be seeking man in Swami Ramdev, Wants to marry!

Controversy queen, actress RakhiSawant is seems to be never like to miss any chance to keep floating in the media galleries. The actress is yet again hitting the headlines for her latest wish. After her like to marry Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi, Rakhi is now a changed mind fickle girl look to be as she shifted concentration or dhyan on the Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. Rakhi has announced that she looking to marry Swami Ramdev to become ‘glamorous Sadhvi’. Rakhi open up her feelings for SwamiRamdev in a press conference held in Delhi on Wednesday. Quoting a press conference, “Rakhi reveals that she is so impressed with the Swami and wants to wed him as he is hot and sexy and impressed with his flat stomach.” She adds up saying that she will not hesitate to bring Swami Ramdev on the show if another round of ‘Swayamvar’ is designed.

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