Prabhas Mr Perfect runs 100 days, his next work with Rajamouli

Prabhas Tollwood’s Rebel Star telugu actor his last movie Mr Perfect runs 100 days successfully. Prabhas Darling’s Mr.Perfect released on 22nd April 2011 completes 100 Days today (30/7/2011).

Mr. Perfect is said to be the biggest hit in Prabhas career. MrPerfect movie made on a budget of 16 crores and has grossed around 35 crores including theatrical and other rights. Mr.Perfect named in the list of ‘All Time Top 10 Tollywood Films as well. Sources buzz that Vasuki Sunkavalli who won the Miss India title, Telugu girl is now catching all eyes of Tollywood folks too. Telugu Industry people are planning to cast in Vasuki as the female lead. Rumor doing rounds is that Prabhas is showing more interest to cast her in his new film. Prabhas’s next film is coming under Rajamouli direction. If all goes well for Vasuki, she will be making entry into the film. Vasuki is giant, dusky beauty who could give tension to any actress for her attraction of the eyes.

Prabhas movie Mr.Perfect 100 Days Centers List

1. Sandhya 35 mm – Hyderabad
2. Radhika – Warangal
3. Sri Thirumala – Khammam
4. Thirumala – Karimnagar
5. Lalita – Nizamabad
6. Sarath – Vizag
7. Ranga Mahal – Tadepalli Gudem
8. Annapurna – Vijayawada
9. MSR – Chittoor
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