Somy Ali says, Aishwarya’s entrance into Salman’s life led split

Somy Ali the Florida-based former Bollywood sensuous actress and current model and journalist, is heard that she making the massive headlines for the regrets. Sources adds up saying with different titles in the net like SomyAli said that AishwaryaRai came between in life with Salman & her and that caused my split or Break Up with him.

AishwaryaRai is the main reason or responsible itself behind her a crack with Sallu. Till now what is we know that Salman Khan was Somy Ali’s first beau, 15-year-old Florida blonde girl came chasing to India to meet the big star with a huge crush. After having a little Bollywood career, Somy who is originally from Pakistan, has evolved into a US-based human rights activist. The Ten years later, the former couple stays in touch, Somy also has something new to air and said, Salman was her first boyfriend and had a huge crush on him as a teenager. The crush made her to forget Florida and move to India and make entry into films just so she could find him and get married to him…..serously going mad about the hunk. Many have an empower of doing funny things when you’re 15. However, She says that she do not have a any regret of pursuing her first love. She opens up saying that if we can count four friends on your finger tips and trust them foolishly, you’re seriously fortunate. Salman is one happens to be one of them. Sources buzz that, a question asked to Somy – who came between her and Salman Khan? She is lightning quick to response and goes flatly and states “Aishwarya Rai.” But she goes very polite way and says not blaming either. She don’t like to hold grudges as it will only affect her growth as a person. And there is a sensational news is that Somy also plans to adopt a baby girl!


  1. Take a lesson from Salman after Ash’s marriage & even after her pregnancy..wth elegance Salman congratulated her & asked 4 a football team..Dis shows dats Salman has moved on in life & gave her warm wishes…dis is mannerism & a person who loves somebody will never ever criticise…dats why everybody says Salman has a huge heart!!!! Circumstances & due to their parents were nt wanting them 2 marry..they have moved on.Take lesson from him & stop doing all dis 4 publicity..

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