Aamir Khan to flaunt well-carved Lean Body in Dhoom 3

Aamir Khan the only one Bollywood actor who always looks to earn things with much dedication and determination, Mr. Perfectionist is all set hit hard at gym who earlier worked for his body for his Blockbuster film Ghajini, this time around the actor is looking forward to get the most sexiest gym body and to flaunt his well-carved Lean Body in his upcoming film Dhoom 3.

The Ghajini Body builder is all set to return with new Body, want to know which type of Body that he trying hard to get new body for his new film Dhoom 3.Well, Aamir in breathtaking action movie Dhoom 3 is just a news now but the, Aamir presence in the film is turned out to be a most eagerly awaited film for all his fans. They know that if Aamir comes out, Amir will come out with an outstanding one.

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is just not only given a tough competition to the other actors for his magnificent acting skills but also for his well shaped body. It is now being reported that Aamir is set to shape up his muscles for Dhoom 3. A sources reports that, “Aamir will go bare for a scene in Dhoom 3 and he is giving his best to get leaner body (like Hrithik, Ranveer and Shahid) to wow the next generation.”

The actor would firstly fall into strict diet to get rid of those excess fats on his shoulder and chest. To give an perfect leaner and muscular look, lets wait to witness Aamir in his new avatar body that might turn tough on all the young actors.

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