Hrithik Roshan sets an example on how to quit smoking?

Hrithik Roshan the Bollywood hunk and the Greek God is heard that he gave up smoking three months ago. Its quite surprising to hear from the source that actor Hrithik Roshan was used to smoke, who we know that never caught smoking any where and this may be the first time to know that he has got the one of the filthy habits that is smoking, but however the latest news suggests that Hindi film actor Hrithik Roshan quits smoking three months ago and hasn’t lit up since.

Hrithik Roshan stopped smoking cigarettes now, know how he get rid of habit Hrithik Roshan was a puffer and took the last puff a long time back which has been three months since his last cigarette lit up. Sources report what Hrithik Roshan has said to an asker about the daily habit, he replied saying that he wanted to give up smoking and tried hard to quit which is very difficult for hil who did for five times before and failed.

Hrithik says he even tried nicotine patches and other methods, but everything went into the trash. Hrithik any way wanted to smash out the habit so he began researching how to. He looked for suggestions from the people he spoke on how get rid of the addiction, went online and read articles, saw testimonials of people on YouTube… he kept checking, and then eventually came across this book Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking, He ordered that book and the day he completed reading the book interestingly happened was the day he smoked his last ciggy.”

HrithikRoshan tells that the good thing about the book is that it doesn’t tell on how to give up smoking. Moreover, it asks its reader to light up while reading, and tells you to relax and enjoy it. It does not tell you more about smoking, or lungs and cancer, which is the good section. But when you are coming to read the bottom lines, you will throw off the cigarette from your two fingers by making your middle finger as trigger or you just rub the ciggy in the ash tray.

He says that has worked for him, and he want more people to know about this and give up the habit. The book crystal clearly tells what is an addiction and once you understand it, you are not addicted anymore. The book has made international celebrities to quit like Madonna, Anthony Hopkins and Ashton Kutcher. Hrithik adds, he was wooed with the book that he ordered 20 copies and offered them to Shah Rukh Khan and Farhan Akhtar but they didn’t want to read it. When he went for Salman about the book he insisted that and said, No one can force or influence you and that decision has to be taken by you.

Its all depends on willpower that he never get tempted to smoke now, even when he is amid smokers blowing smoke rings around him. Its seems that Hrithik Roshan sets an example for Bollywood stars and others who have been trying to quit smoking.

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