Tasleema Nasreen reacts about Poonam pandey

Taslima Nasreen Controversial writer hits back about Poonam Pandey’s ‘attitude is like underwear’ tweet. “Poonam Pandey got hot but not satisfied.

Poonam Pandey fashion model pops out again with yet another controversial statement as this time reacted on Controversial writer Taslima Nasreen. Writer has bounced back and reacted strongly to Poonam Pandey’s ‘attitude is like underwear’ tweet.


The Kingfisher suoper and sassy model had tweeted few days back, “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it.(sic)”

She had also posted a provocative ‘underwear’ picture with a caption – “Attitude is like your underwear; you must wear it, but never show it. But then i like Flaunting the right Attitude a lot :P.”

Taslima further wrote “My protest agnst d objectification is 4 women`s dignity,not 4 publicity. My criticism ws agnst d video u endorsed.(sic).”


India’s controversial model Poonam Pandey might have facing criticism from many, but the bold lady never stepped down to pay a heed to any of such comments. But this time the bold Poonam received it hard from writer Taslima Nasreen, through twitter.

Nasreen blasted Poonam for her dirty acts.

Poonam is somehow able to stay in limelight with her raunchy and stripping acts. She is turned out as the latest internet diva who is doing stunning jobs by creatig a series of raunchy videos and pics of herself posing in skimpy bikinis and single-piece swimsuits.

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