Kahaani Review, movie starring Vidya Balan as protagonist

Kahaani Review, Kahani is a 2012 Bollywood Hindi movie starring Vidya Balan as the protagonist and find here below exclusive review, rating, songs and cast and crew details.

Kahaani movie Review

Kahaani is ONE OF THE MOST GRIPPING THRILLERS!Bollywood actress Vidya Balan has created a symbol for herself with her women-oriented movies like Paa, Ishqiya, No One Killed Jessica and The Dirty Picture and all these films were seen huge success at the BO, if yet another comes from the same genre why it fails if everything goes good and this happened with the new film that the actress playing in a women-centric film Kahaani is turned out as a stunning entertainer.

VidyaBalan new release Kahaani film is being directed by Sujoy Ghosh and the director’s part to the movie added more value. The film has toughen the trend created by her. With this movie, Vidya has proved her mettle again like other Hindi superstars, she can also run a winning streak show at Box Office. Vidya Balan signed for a a complete female-centric movie Kahaani and its reported that she grabbed one more success with this movie, where she gone for an experiment playing an pregnant woman and in quest of her missing husband.

Vidya delivered impeccable performance is the major attraction of the film. Advaita Kala’s strong script, Sujoy Ghosh’s treated with his cool and calm direction, Vishal-Shekhar’s music, Setu’s clever camera work and Namrata Rao’s edgy editing are its other highlights. Its seems that Sujoy Ghosh has smart directorial skills and has turned out to be a master storyteller in the movie Kahaani.

He has cleverly combined the story with some thriller elements. His brave narrative skills make sure to keep the viewers get glued to the seats. Its seems that better to turn a movie buff, as we can’t to watch a movie which is running with massive public and that too good films coming back to back as last week it was “Paan Singh Tomar”, where Irrfan Khan delivered and award winning action for the best actor, now arrives “Kahaani” in which Vidya Balan is so exceptional performance that one suspects the next year’s National Award is gonna be battle between Irrfan and Viday.

The chubby actress played the role of a Vidya Bagchi, a non-resident Indian (NRI) who steps in Kolkata heavily pregnant and with the full of hopes on finding her missing husband, Vidya Balan did’nt seen in any single wrong frame in the entire graph of her character’s extremely interesting journey. Kahaani is not a simple thrilling film about a search for a missing person but has plenty more to show brings an energetic thrill to the suspense drama, the film hits a essential balance between realism in art and the art of attracting realism, without losing the entertainment quotient.

Sujoy Ghosh came up with an extravaganza that displays the dynamic dialogues, razor sharp cut of the footage and the stunning sequences of a tale that making an enrich of entertainment.

This is a well written script, writing is clever as every detail explore to a new twist and turn in the plot. Vidya’s portrayal of a carrying lady of under heavy pressure who facing a stage of dark shade in her life has smartly executed, she made it look so easy as it seems that she taken her role very seriously and might have seen shot in a video after saying ok to the shot.

Parambrata Chattopadhyay plays fine character as Vidya’s pillar of support was so Impressive. Nawazuddin Sidiqqui palyed his part well yet again shows off ruthlessness to his investigative officer’s role.The twist at the end of the movie was mind-shocker! Vidya balan delivered that scene is inspirational!

All in all, Kahaani is Enthralling and Engaging,VidyaBalan Outperformed Her own previous performances. Must watch.

Rating: Excellent 4.5/5

Kahaani movie Story

Vidya Balan plays a Vidya Bagchi who arrives in Kolkata from London in search of her missing husband. Seven months pregnant and single in a festive city, she kicks off a merciless quest for her husband. With nothing to rely on except some parts from her memories about him, all clues seem to lead a dead end when all tries to convince Vidya that her husband is no more. She slowly realises that nothing is what it seems. In a city deeply habituated with lies, Vidya turns dogged to find the truth about her husband Arnab Bagchi played by Indraneil Sengupta for herself and her child in her belly even at the cost of her own life. Watch out the rest of the exciting story in theater.

Cast and Crew details of Kahaani

Releasing date :Mar 9, 2012
Language :Hindi
Genre :Drama, Thriller
Starring :Vidya Balan, Parambrata Chatterjee, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
Director :Sujoy Ghosh
Music :Vishal Dadlani, Shekhar Ravjiani
Writer :Sujoy Ghosh

Songs of Kahaani

01 – Aami Shotti Bolchi
Usha Uthup, Vishwesh & Shekhar Ravjiani
02 – Piya Tu Kaahe Rootha Re
Javed Bashir
03 – Kahaani (Male)
K.K. & Vishal Dadlani
04 – Tore Bina
Sukhwinder Singh
05 – Kahaani (Female)
Shreya Ghoshal & Vishal Dadlani
06 – Ekla Cholo Re
Amitabh Bachchan

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