Veena Malik as Rajni in new Sholay?

Veena Malik is one of those aspiring talented actors in Bollywood and who kept her eyes wide open on big chances is heard that she has been offered with a new role as Rajni to play in Sholay 2.

Here below is the new photo gallery of hot Veena Malik hot pictures, pics, images, photos, wallpapers.Sholay is considered as top notch film in the history of Indian film industry. Soon after the popping out the news that a film starring the popular Jai Veeru pair is starting spread like a viral, everybody thronged at the Veena Mallik’s gate to get her views.

Veena says in this way, that she would love to work with the Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. For the fact he is her god. She have grown up watching his films and even aired her desire that she will marry someone like him only. Then she cutely smiles and says that she roped in a female oriented film and yes Dharamji is included in the film. But, Mr. Bachchan yet to show his interest to the project and of-course they would love to have him on the set.

They think that the idea has cropped up in the brain of the director Manoj kumar who has taken the film very seriously. It seems that there is a huge buzz with different different news and latestly heard that Veena Mallik film name has been titled as Rajni ki lag gai, is this is hint of veteran Rajnikanth inclusion in the film? who knows!!!

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