Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker Hell in a cell full match video highlights

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker – Rewind: Watch out the Hell in a cell No Mercy for the WWE Championship full match video highlights. Brock Lesnar the UFC Heavyweight is back in WWE with a shocking entry on Monday Night Raw 2012, April 2. Watch out his entry on Tensports Tv Channel soon.

Brock Lesnar 2012 return to WWE  But some people in the crwod hardly shocking since the they were chanting his name minutes before, but still excited to see him in the ring. Some people Brock Lesnar because of his is brilliant acts in during the match and of-course his entrance music is incredibly generic. People also started claiming that they take on Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE on RAW was one of the best returns in history.

This is Former UFC Champion Brock Lesnar’s Officially Return and some sources claim that Brock Lesnar’s WWE deal is for 1 year, 15 appearances and 5 million dollars. Just One day post an epic WrestleMania 28, fans of the WWE were given another reason to cheer when Ex wrestler Brock Lesnar made his return to Monday Night RAW after almost eight years. Lesnar retired from competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championship last December.

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