Dhanush and Aishwarya miff over Shruti Hassan?

Dhanush Tamil actor and his wife Aishwarya who directed her first movie 3 starring her husband and beautiful Shruti Hassan, is heard that all is not so well between Dhanush and Aishwarya over Shruti’s closeness to the actor.

Sources even buzz that Aishwarya have been going for a petty quarrel with Dhanush, this may not be the fresh news as it already heard before releasing of the movie as a miff news between Dhanush and 3 film director already aired during the shoot of the film. 3 movie hit the screens after delivering a huge hype with the song Kolaveri Di and movie buffs eagerly looking forward to “3″ that saw the Rajinikath’s elder daughter, Aishwaryaa, debut as a director roping Dhanush and Shruti Haasan as the romantic lead, and off the screen the K town says there’s a completely different yet silent love story running between the lead stars of the film.

The buzz in the industry is that Dhanush and Shruti’s sets the screen on fire with their passionate sizzling hot chemistry on-screen is as a led of their reported closeness off screen as well- which has now supposedly caused a rock their marriage.

It seems like a hint of split their relationship wide open ever since during the promotions of 3. Number of moments tells that there is definite issues between the couple, sources buzz strong that Dhanush, Shruti and Anirudh were on a radio show talking cheerfully, Aishwaryaa joined them in next moment, Dhanush annoyed due to here presence everywhere and walked off the show.

Latest news suggest that Dhanush is trying hard his best at avoiding his wife in public and his cozy with Shruti might have led a tiff with Aishwaryaa and she is said to be upset about Dhanush new behaviour. But no comments from the Aishwaryaa and Dhanush.

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