Subhash Ghai to lose 21 acres of land?

Subhash Ghai the veteran Bollywood  filmmaker is heard that he has been alleged for being involved in 21 acres of land scam. According to the latest buzz in the town, the Supreme Court of India ordered Subhash Ghai to return 21 acres of land which turned out as a film academy Whistling Woods, to the Maharashtra government.

Subhash Ghai to lose landThe SC order came post a long battle between Subhash Ghai and the Maha government. It is learnt that, the land was given to Subhash Ghai in 2000 by then chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh. The Supreme Court explained the deal as the reward of a state give out at the behest of the Chief Minister at a petty sum to a blue-eyed boy. Mr Deshmukh is currently a union minister.

Deshmukh Dismissing claims, the apex court said OK with the Bombay High Court conclusion in February that said Mr Ghai would have to give back 14.5 acres of land to the government immediately, which is presently empty at his academy. The remaining 5.5 acres of land that is in use is to return in 2014 so that students getting trained acn complete their courses without any disruptions.

Subhash had appealed to the SupremeCourt against the High Court`s ruling. In the past, the High Court unhappy with Mr Deshmukh, describing the deal between the government and Ghai as illegal Mr Deshmukh has appealed to the Supreme Court to remove remarks against him. It is not agreeable that a CM will personally sign such an agreement, which is illegal the High Court judges had said.

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