Vinitha Menon hot pictures

Vinitha Menon the one of the beautiful hot models in India seems to be not happy about the these days about models as she quotes saying that “Wannabe Model like Poonam Pandey Create Fake Controversy in Cricket and Get Movie, Is It Right or Wrong. ” Here below are the Vinitha Menon hot pictures.

Model Vinitha Menon said that Every model wants to become famous and for that they find a formula coming out from the controversy. As cricket is the most watched and loved game in India, it’s very simple to get publicity through Cricket.

Most of the models have started using this ultimate formula (cricket+controversy) to come into limelight. There are many models who stir the headlines like Rozlyn Khan, Poonam Pandey, Nupur Mehta, and Sherlyn Chopra and many others who used cricketers to become famous.”

Vinitha also says that the IPL mania will do buzz sometime now and actors/models are simultaneously looking for a chance involving some IPL Controversy. During the World Cup 2011 Poonam pandey turned popular with her sensational statement where she claimed that she will go for hot when India lifts the World Cup.

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