Veena Malik to enter wedlock with Raja Choudhary?

Veena Malik Pakistani hot sultry actress is looks to have got a new admirer, Bhojpuri actor Raja Choudhary.

 Veena Malik hot pictureNow the hot news that popped out from the headlines is that the actor Raja Chaudhary is keen to enter wedlock with Veena Malik. VeenaMalik who making headlines in the showbiz these days yet again came into limelight and she gets a new admirer in the form of Bigg Boss’s ex-inmate Raja Chaudhary.

TV actress Shweta Tiwari’s ex-husband is seems to have going crazy over Bollywood’s new siren’s beauty and has expressed his desire to marry her. It is also head that his crazy for her has gone that he given himself a name as ‘Raja Malik’.

The sources tell all that Raja is looking to win Vina’s heart during the music launch of soon-to-be-released flick `Daal Me Kuch Kaala Hai`. Now that Raja issued a marriage proposal, all have to wait and see for Veena’s answer!

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